Planning "Grouse Camp" This Fall

Chapter member Chad Hop has graciously volunteered to organize a Grouse Camp in Northern Michigan this year.

Please see details below and contact Chad if you are interested in attending and what your preferred weekend would be

Hello GLC Members,

I have offered to put together a Chapter get-together this year to enjoy each other’s company during the hunting season here in Michigan. The plan is to have a weekend together to enjoy chasing after some grouse and woodcock in the field with this great breed of dog we are all invested in. We can all meet up in the mornings and discuss the plans for the day. If groups want to hunt together that is great. If hunters and their dog(s) want to venture off to hunt by themselves that is okay too.

I will help provide direction and insight to the area and offer assistance in any way I can. My thought is each day groups go out and hunt in the morning and then around lunch time we all meet and enjoy lunch together. The hope would be that everyone contributes to lunch, we can coordinate that as we iron out the details. Then after lunch for those that want to they can head back out and hunt in the afternoon. Then there are multiple restaurants nearby in Big Rapids, we can all hopefully have dinner together (if COVID restrictions allow us too). Otherwise we could do a field dinner with the day's harvest or whatever else people might want. I do have a bunch of walleye in my freezer that we could do a fish fry one day!

Below are some details about the location I have picked out for the Grouse Camp. I’ve included links for license information and purchasing those online. I’ve also put names and locations of hotels and campgrounds for those coming in from a distance.

As far as dates go, I’ll leave it up to what would work for most. I will say for this area typically the 2nd to 3rd weekend in October is the height of the woodcock migration.

Location: Mark Knee Memorial GEMS area (near Evart, MI) 

Dates: TBD – possible a Sat/Sun or 3 day weekend – Fri/Sat/Sun

License: Small game license info. Non-resident options – 3 day and 7 day licenses available, cost: $50-$80. Online license purchase. There are also multiple retailers/sport shops nearby that sell licenses as well.

Available local lodging:

  • Hotels: Country Inn & Suites (Big Rapids, MI), Quality Inn & Suites (Big Rapids, MI), Osceola Grand Hotel (Evart, MI). Hotels are dog friendly and price ranges from $50 - $100 per night
  • Campgrounds: Rambadt Park (Reed City, MI) – modern camping, Hillside Campground (Evart, MI) – modern camping, Blodgett Landing Campground (Hersey, MI) – modern camping, Paris Park (Paris, MI) – modern camping, Sunrise Lake State Forest Campground (Le Roy, MI) – rustic camping. Prices range from $15 - $50 per night

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My email is

– Chad Hop

Photo by Scott Broiser