Here's how to register a litter with the VDD-GNA as of February 2022

Breeders out-of-chapter use the same process but communicate instead with your own Chapter Breedwarden.

Follow these steps

  1. After confirming pregnancy, the breeder fills out what information they can on the Wurfmeldung (pages 1 & 2), Stud Certificate and makes a clear copy of male's Ahnentafel (if it is his first breeding).
  2. E-mail the above documents to GLC Breedwarden, and also to the GNA Breedwarden.
  3. Mail the bitches original Ahnentafel to the GLC Breedwarden (use the VDD-GNA Member Roster to look up mailing address). 
  4. When the litter is born, text both the GLC Breedwarden and the GNA Breedwarden on the status (use the VDD-GNA Member Roster to look up their phone numbers).
  5. Pay the litter registration fee online.
  6. E-mail the updated Wurfmeldung, payment confirmation and any missing paperwork to both Breedwardens.
Keep in mind, this is all time sensitive so it is important to follow this steps and be timely. Late paperwork can lead to getting the information back late from Germany.

If you have any questions, please contact the GLC Breedwarden (greatlakeschbw@gmail.com)