2021 Great Lakes Chapter Grouse Camp & Wild Game Cookout Wrap-Up

Here's a wrap-up from our first annual Grouse Camp & Wild Game Cookout.

The event took place mid October in Northern Michigan (what a great time to be in the grouse woods!). Big thanks to Great Lakes Chapter member Chad Hop for organizing the event and the write up and pictures below. I believe we had just under 10 people attend. One of the surprises was just how much of a culinary event this turned into. This has inspired us to add "Wild Game Cookout" to the event title. Hopefully next year's camp and cookout will be just as great. 

Great Lakes Chapter Grouse Camp - Day 1

Not much to show in the game bags today. I think everyone at least flushed a bird today. Some of us had a few opportunities on grouse and woodcock but we weren’t able to connect. A couple of dogs got into porcupines this morning (nothing serious). We had a great field lunch thanks to Pat and Pamela S Loetz. That elk goulash was phenomenal! We’ll be back at it in the morning.

Great Lakes Chapter Grouse Camp - Day 2

We are on the board - 2 grouse and 4 woodcock were harvested today. A few more birds should have made it into our vests but that’s hunting. We had a fabulous lunch, courtesy of Alan Hogan. Those venison and bear burgers were delicious. Also thanks to Scott Lover for the sides to go with lunch today. I did fried walleye and French fries for dinner this evening. We’ve been eating well this weekend! We are going to give it one more go in the morning. Hopefully a few more birds will fall tomorrow and we can wrap up the 1st GLC Grouse Camp on a high note.


Great Lakes Chapter Grouse Camp - Final Day

A few more birds were shot today. The morning hunt was mostly woodcock, there were some grouse flushes mixed in there. I believe everyone had multiple bird contacts this morning. I was hoping for more birds but I don’t believe we’ve got a push of flight birds as of yet.
After the morning hunt, everyone had to get going back home. I headed back out for the afternoon solo. 1st spot resulted in no birds but my dog found a porcupine. He pointed it and nothing further happened 🙏 😂. I think the avoidance training we did a couple of weeks ago helped with that. The last spot of the day we were able to find some grouse. I ended up 1 for 3 on those birds.
This has been a great few days. Hanging out with great people, sharing stories, making memories, eating great food, hunting behind great dogs (or great dogs in the making), and shooting a few birds was just icing on the cake. This is something we’ll definitely have to do again next year!

Thanks again for those that came, Alan Hogan, Pamela S Loetz, Scott Lover, and Josh Logan.