VGP Mentor Program

Have you finished the HZP and are thinking about trying the VGP

If so, the best way to do this is by having the advice and help of a mentor.

We've found having someone to train with who has experience with this test can greatly improve your chances of being successful. 

Passing this test is also a requirement to become a JGHV judge. Our organization  desperately needs more judges. More handlers who pass the VGP, gives us more potential judging candidates. 

Note that this is an advanced test which takes dedication and hard work. The mentor relationship will only be successful if you, the handler, hold up your side of the bargain. 

Interested in being paired with a VGP Mentor?

If you are a motivated handler and have a dog eligible to run in the VGP test, we will help you find a mentor. 

Interested in becoming a VGP mentor? 

Are you a successful VGP handler who would be willing to help with our program? Commitment can range from answering questions on the phone to helping handlers with in-person field, forest and water work. 

Please contact:

JGHV performance judge Joe Beiter