2022 Great Lakes Chapter Annual Meeting

The Great Lakes Chapter annual meeting was held Saturday, April 9th at Dan Crusey's Farm in Marysville, Ohio.

The meeting was held after the VJP puppy test had concluded that same day. Close to 30 people attended the meeting. 

Meeting Minutes

As submitted by Dan Carlisle


The regular meeting of the GREAT LAKES CHAPTER OF VDD-GNA was called to order at 1:58 on APRIL 9TH 2022 in Marysville by Kathleen Gannon.


Kathleen Gannon- Chair
Ivan Birkenstock-Vice Chair
Dan Carlisle-Business Manager
Lyndon Roeller-Assistant to the Board

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.
Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Executive Committee

Kathleen reported on the motions being accepted by the national B.O.D. for the annual meeting.
Lyndon Roeller presented the website summary.
Total visitors- over 5000.
Total # of sales- 53
Gross Income- $3529.00

Dan Carlisle gave the financial report for the fiscal year.

Beginning Balance: $ 8629.45
12/28/20 Website expense: - $408.37
5/4/21 Ad in Armbruster Program: -$150.00
Donation Armbruster prize table: -$500.00
April 9th 2022 Balance: $7571.08
Dan also reported current membership is at 112 members. Ivan made a motion to accept the financial report and Jim Smith 2nd the motion. The membership unanimously accepted the motion.

New Business

Dan Carlisle presented the idea of purchasing two laptops and two printer-scanners to use for the testing system. The laptops being used currently are out dated.

Approximate purchase price: $1500.00

Tom Shook made a motion to purchase the new equipment and Jim Smith 2nd the motion. The general membership unanimously accepted the motion.

Lyndon Roeller reported on the VDD-GNA Annual Meeting (Drahtfest).
Currently there are 35 rooms reserved.

There are 66 members signed up currently and hoping to reach a goal of 100.

The discounted rates for the Shanty Creek Resort are good through April then normal rates apply. Some of the Board members have not signed up and need to be contacted.

Gun Raffle: Levi Oman is running the raffle. An Italian SxS shotgun supplied by Upland Gun Co. and raffle tickets were sold to the VDD-GNA membership. 66 people purchased all 200 tickets creating a $5252.00 profit. This raffle will pay for approximately 50% of the annual meeting. There will be a second gun from the Upland Gun Co. raffled off on the website.

Sponsorships: Will Good and Chris Smith are co-chairs for this committee. They have accepted many gifts that will be used for the silent auction table.

Stud Dog Review: Chris Wasserman and Max Lenhard are co-chairs. To expand the entries all, breed certified dogs will be accepted with offspring.

Volunteers: We are looking for people to watch the merchandise table at Drahtfest.

Ivan thanked Lyndon and Jane for coordinating Drahtfest and Todd Willbright for finding the Shanty Creek Resort to host the event. Ivan also thanked all of the other volunteers that have been working on Drahtfest.


Possible HZP Fall 2022
Jim Smith: Hastings, MI. The water and search fields are secured just waiting on permission on the drag fields.
Max and Kathleen: Highland, MI.

Possible VJP Spring 2023
Dan Crusey: Marysville, Ohio
Dan Carlisle: Plymouth, Indiana
Alan Hogan: MI. checking on availability of a property near his home.
2023 GLC Annual Meeting will take place at Dan Crusey’s in conjunction with a VJP.
Dan mentioned that if the H1N1 virus is found in the Ohio game bird breeders facilities all game birds will be destroyed making it very difficult to find birds for testing.


The Board was unopposed and all members remained in their current position.
Dan Crusey stepped down as Director of Testing and Jim Smith was appointed The Director of Testing.
Alan Hogan made a motion to accept no changes in the Board of Directors and Max Lenhard 2nd the motion. The membership voted unanimously to accept the results of the election.

General membership open discussion:

Joel Williams suggested a transition period to new board members to help foster the new members in early stages of office. Joel made a motion that elections be held before May 1st and new Board members transition not before June 1st.
Max Lenhard presented a new traveling trophy for the high scoring VJP Dog (Suchensieger) in the GLC.
The winner for 2021 with 77pts Bess vom Bullenfluss OTH Todd Luckasevic
Joe Beiter suggested a mentorship program for members by a member that has successfully handled a VGP dog. Lyndon will put handlers in contact with qualified handlers in their area. Ivan made a motion to start the mentorship program and Jim Smith second the motion.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 by Kathleen Gannon. The next general meeting will be at Dan Crusey’s spring 2023 in conjunction with vjp.

Minutes submitted by:

Dan Carlisle