2024 Great Lakes Chapter Annual Banquet Breed Show & Chukar Challenge

Written by Max Lenhard
Photos by Nicole Hogan & Josh Logan

The Great Lakes Chapter continues to flourish as we head into the middle of the 2020’s. 

This text comes to you following what our members consider wildly successful chapter happenings.  Over the weekend of February 24th and 25th, the GLC hosted a breed show, annual meeting and most importantly an opportunity to show off our dogs hunting prowess.  It also finds us rushing headlong into our VJP season.

The breed show and annual meeting took place at the Delaware County (OH) fairgrounds and the Chukar Challenge took place at the nearby Lone Oak game preserve. 

GLC Breed Warden Scott Lover and his wife Marina threw their weight into the harness and orchestrated an incredible event that took place over several days.  Their efforts were supported by many members to make it a robustly attended weekend.  

The Breed Show 

The first event of Saturday was the VDD Breed Show with ZR’s Nancy Bohs from New Jersey, Jason Abbas from Iowa and Mike Fortner from Tennessee presiding. 12 dogs were evaluated and all three judges did a fantastic job evaluating the dogs and keeping the members informed and engaged.  After every evaluation an explanation was given as to why dogs were given the score they received and why that aspect of the form or hair was a positive attribute or is considered less desirable.  Engagement among the handlers and other attendees was excellent.  Feedback from the members about all of the information from the judges was very positive.

Breed Show Scores



Score (form/coat)

Jannis v. Rogers-Hutte

Josh Logan


Unique vom Wildbundig

Kyle Kolodisa


Clare vom Mitten

William Good


Crystal vom Mitten

Kyle Kolodisa


Dora vom Langen-See

Mateusz Cebula


Coors vom Kompass

Dr. Kathleen Gannon


Anja vom Underschrocken

Levi Oman


Hebron v. Makohika

Chad Hop


Deuce vom Kurbin-Haken

Stephen Rogers


Flasher v. Makoshika

Patrick Loetz


Boone vom Ruffhaus

Brandon Evans


Katie vom Freda Haus

Kyle Heminger



The Annual Meeting, Banquet & Fund Raiser

The conclusion of the breed show marked the formal beginning of the GLC Annual Meeting.  Attendees enjoyed a social hour and were able to browse the awesome items up for grabs on the silent auction table as well as two different guns and a bourbon basket that were part of different raffles.  

The meeting was called to order with all members of the GLC board at the helm.  Financial, testing and breed warden reports were all given along with old and new business.  Items of note were the end of puppy blood draws and balloting of the VGG-GNA National Positions.  All national members were running unopposed.  The contingency of nominations from the floor at the national meeting were covered with the GLC electing to vote as ballot and reject candidates nominated from the floor.  A GLC Armbruster was discussed as new business with noticeable interest in working as a chapter to get a proposal submitted to the national board.  Matt Cebula returned the traveling GLC VJP Suchensieger award which Joe Beiter agreed to pass along the 2024 recipient at the close of the VJP season.  Matt vanTillburg and Terry Adkins were awarded Distinguished Service Urkünde’s for their imperative work they did in their time as GLC Chairman and Vice-Chairman. 

GLC was very honored to present two members in attendance their Silver Hegewald Needles.  These are special awards given to 25 year members who show continued and dedicated service to the Verein Deutsh Drahthaar.  These members have earned them by judging, hosting tests, conducting training seminars, tattooing puppies, serving as test directors, hosting training days all while mentoring new judges, members and breeders.  It is an incredible honor to receive this award and the GLC is proud to be part of Marty Ryan, Dan Crusey and Jim Jones receiving theirs. 

Dan Crusey receiving the Silver Hegewald Needle

With a grand total of 61 dinner and meeting reservations, the Lover’s put on a spread of prime rib, baked potatoes, salad and other goodies.  What would the dinner be without a good German pilsner on draft.  

Download the 2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Fund Raiser

The raffles including 50/50, heated up after dinner as well as the silent auction table.  Not to mention we had a real life auctioneer on hand for the live auction items, which included hunts, fishing trips, dog boarding and custom drahthaar woodwork.  GLC merchandise as well as the always popular fur training dummies were on sale.  With an enormous thanks going out to all the members who donated time, energy, goods and passion the GLC grossed over $7,000.  In an attempt to acknowledge everyone, inevitably someone will be missed and we apologize.  But thank you to Scott and Marina Lover, Al and Nicole Hogan, Pat and Pam Loetz, Josh and Jennie Logan, Matt Cebula, Will Good, Joe Beiter, Lyndon Roeller and Jane Ko, AmyJo and John Kucker. 

Live auction heating up

The professional auctioneer at work (he was amazing!)

The Chukar Challenge

Sunday proved to be a beautiful day in Ohio for the Chukar Challenge at Lone Oak.  With a full roster of 16 dogs the weekend continued to impress.  Without trying to bore those that know, a chukar challenge is composed of a dog and handler who are trying to find, point, shoot and retrieve three chukar in three shots all within a prescribed time limit.  Penalties are given for extra shots, missed birds etc.  When the dust settled Joshua Clay and Bjorn vom Wetzstein who walked away as champion.  3 birds, 3 shots and 3 retrieves in 11 minutes and 26 seconds.

Great Lakes Chukar Challenge winning team of Joshua Clay and Bjorn vom Wet Stone “Goose”. 

Silver Hegewald Needle recipient Marty Ryan had a good day at the Chukar Challenge 

Looking ahead

On to the GLC VJP season.  Test director Dan Carlisle Test Coordinator Stephen Rogers  will run a spring test March 9-10 in Medina, OH.  In between that test and the Dan Crusey perennial VJP April 6-7 there will be a training day for rabbits at the St. Joe’s Beagle Club in Plymouth, IN.  

In closing and to echo a sentiment at the meeting from Jim Smith (Director of Testing), deadlines for fall tests are rapidly approaching and test grounds are always in demand.  If you feel that you can coordinate and or provide a test location don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Again, thank you to everyone who participated and is continuing to do so.  Everyone’s efforts are making the GLC thrive and grow.