Annual Breed Show Announced (April, 2021)

We're happy to announce that this year's Great Lakes Chapter Breed Show has been posted on the VDD-GNA Members site Test Calendar.

The show will be the same weekend as one of our three VJP (puppy) tests this Spring. Both the Breed Show and VJP are being graciously hosted by Scott Broiser at his Pine Hill Kennel facility and Big Prairie Farm.

Breed Show dates:

Friday, April 16, 2021 - Pine Hill Kennel & Sportsman's Club
Saturday, April 17, 2021 - Pine Hill Kennel & Sportsman's Club

The main Breed Show will be Saturday. Friday will be an extra day if someone needs it. Put both days on your entry form and note your preference.

If you have a dog to run in the show, do not delay sending your paperwork into Test Director Mike Schell. The Breed Show entry form can be downloaded here on the Member's site and mailed to Mike.

More about Breed Shows

The purpose of the Breed Show is for evaluating confirmation, coat and temperament for the purpose of breed certification. The Breed Show is where most dogs will be certified for breeding.

Be aware, there are several prerequisites that need to be completed before entering a Breed Show. Many of these prerequisites need to be completed months in advance, so plan ahead now.

If you are all set and plan to run in the Breed Show, there are some helpful pointers on the VDD-GNA Member's site in the document Preparing for the Breed Show. Breed Show judges will be traveling from out-of-chapter to evaluate our dogs and we want to make sure they do their best.

If you have any questions, please contact the Great Lakes Chapter Breed Warden Chris Wasserman or anyone listed on our contact page.