Belding, Michigan Breed Show Results (April 17, 2021)

This may have been our Chapter's largest Breed Show to date. A total of SEVENTEEN Draths and handlers came from far and wide to be evaluated. We had terrific weather and a beautiful venue. The day started out cool and clear, then continued to warm up until it go down right hot in the sun.

Big thanks to everyone to helped make this breed show happen. Test Coordinator Jim Smith, Test Director (and GNA Breed Warden) Mike Schell and our host Scott Broiser.

The judging took place at Prairie Bells Barn. The property is adjacent to Scott Broiser's Big Prairie Preserve where we also had a VJP taking place that day. The parking lot was full. 

Prairie Bell's Barn included a large concrete pad in the backyard which served as a perfect evaluation area for the Breed Show judges. Chairs and benches surrounded the concrete pad creating a natural spectator viewing area. We even had a nearby field where we could let the dogs run for the judges. 

Test Director Mike Schell conducting the early morning judges meeting (Belding, MI)

A long day for the judges

We'd like to especially thank judges Rhonda Feazel, James Strilich, Mike Schell and apprentice judge Johnathan Pearson. The judging group took the time to explain how they scored each dog to the audience and answer all questions. They literally worked from sun up to sun down judging dogs. At one point we got worried as they'd been in the hot sun on that baking concrete pad without a break for over 10 hours. They ate their lunches standing up and it was nightfall before they had a chance to wolf down their dinner (top-notch catered BBQ!) while completing the final paperwork. Most had a long drive home in the late hours that event. It's dedicated volunteers like this make our organization so great.

Rhonda Feazel measuring height while Judge Mike Schell and apprentice judge Johnathan Pearson observe (Belding, MI)


LR: Judges Rhonda Feazel, apprentice judge Johnathan Pearson and judge James Strilich, evaluate GLC Chapter member Levi Oman’s Drahthaar (Belding, MI)


Apprentice judge Johnathan Pearson evaluating hair on my dog, Diesel vom Brosius (Belding, MI)


Handler Todd Wibright with Dyanna vom Brosius (Belding, MI)



Mike Schell checking teeth (Belding, MI)


Marrisa Alverson (left) with Dova vom Brosius (last dog of the day!) being evaluated by the entire judging group.

Breed Show Results

 Dog Handler Conformation/Coat 
Fawn vom Flooded Timber Andrew Pate 10/7
Vixen vom Millerhaus  Jerry Sheffield 10/9
Dyanna vom Brosius Todd Wibright 10/11
Della V vom Altmoor Nancy M. Bohs 10/10
Ivy vom Krieger  Jacques deMoss 11/12
Cyrus vom Langen-See Levi Oman 0/0
Ferra v.Rogers-Hiitte John Webster 8/11
Basko v.d. Grasfluren William Good 8/10
Queenie vom Rainmaker  Phillip Josephson 11/11
Dova vom Brosius  Marissa Alverson 7/11
Yanna vom Seilerhaus William Good 8/9
Maddy vom Wilco Bennett Kamps 10/11
Jake vom Elchherz  Gary McKee 0/0
Gia vom Flooded Timber Travis Walthall 9/10
Jessi vom Elchherz  James Jones 10/9
Diesel vom Brosius Philip Lyndon Roeller 10/11
Fokker v .Rogers-Hiitte Patrick Murphy 10/10


You can also download the full results PDF here