Belding, Michigan HZP Test Results (Sept 4 &5, 2021)

The Great Lakes Chapter hosted an HZP (fall puppy test) on Labor Day weekend September 4th and 5th, 2021. A total of seven dogs entered the test, six dogs ran and five passed.

Both days were overcast with mild temperatures. Fortunately the rain held off and, although warm, it never got too hot.

Special thanks to Scott Broiser at Pine Hill Kennel and Sportsmen's Club for letting us host another test at his facility. We'd also like to thank friend of the Chapter, Kim Beach for allowing us to use her property for the water work portion of the test each day. 

Saturday evening also included a short planning meeting for the 2022 VDD-GNA National Annual Meeting. 

Judges reading off scores after the first half of the test on Saturday which included field and drag work. 

End of the day scores on Saturday after the water work.

Judge Dan Carlisle congratulating handler Pat Verbeek on Saturday. Pat had high score on Saturday. 


Saturday (9/4/21)

Senior Judge: Dan Carlisle, (New Springfield, OH)
Judge: Jim Jones (Elkhart, IN)
Judge: Julie Griswold (Manchester, MI)
Apprentice Judge: William Witmer (Hawks, MI)


Sunday (9/5/21)

Senior Judge: Jim Jones (Elkhart, IN)
Judge: Jim Smith (Ceresco, MI)
Judge: Dan Carlisle, (New Springfield, OH)

  1. DD Hundin Flacca vom Grizzle Creek 242570 22.02.2020 OTH: Jim Russell, Nolensville, TN
    Score: 157

  2. DD Hundin Dixie vom Kompass 244547 21-07-2020 OTH: Eric T. Miller, Deerfield, MI
    Score: 171

(L–R): Jim Jones, Bryan Kidder, Sarah Rodeheaver, Dan Carlisle, Tom Shook, Julie Griswold, William Witmer, Pat Verbeek. 

Congratulations to all dogs and handlers. We know it's a lot of work getting ready for the HZP. We look forward to next Spring and a new crop of puppies to test. Until then, we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable hunting season with your great dogs.