Breeders and Tattoo Assistants please read

The following post is from our Breed Warden, Chris Wasserman (also posted on our Facebook Group page).

We just receive the following info today from Mike Schell:

I have received word from the Head Breed Warden, Sigurd Croneiß, that for the duration of the problems with Covid-19, we are advised to adjust the process for litters. To be clear, this is only for the duration of any physical distancing that is desired due to the pandemic.

These are the adjustments:

  1. Litter inspections and tattooing will be suspended for the time being.
  2. Pups will have blood drawn and chips inserted by a veterinarian.
  3. Because chips will be the only identifier for the pups from this time, please encourage breeders you speak with to pay attention to these steps:
  4. Check and double check that the chip is the correct one for the pup BEFORE the vet puts it in the puppy (i.e. make sure sex and color is correct).
  5. After chips are inserted, have the veterinarian scan the puppy to make sure they have the correct chip and that the chip is placed in the puppy. This is to be sure that the chip stayed in the puppy.
  6. After the vet is done with each individual puppy, put finished puppies in a designated crate so that you do not accidentally double chip.

If you have questions, please contact Breed Warden Chris Wasserman at