Corona 2020 Tracking Test Details and Rules

Image courtesy Scott Brosier Pine Hill Sportsman's Club


VDD-GNA Vice Chairman, Geoff Matthews has posted details about the "Emergency Solution Tracking – Corona 2020" test

This is the test that the JGHV has been forced to implement due to the cancellation of regular spring VJP/puppy testing as a result of the pandemic. Note that this test is also being called the "COVID-19 tracking test". 

Please read Geoff's post below. A corresponding PDF of the rules has also been posted. Judges and handlers, make sure you look at that PDF so you know what to expect.  

From Geoff Matthews 5/3/20 (original Facebook post):

COVID-19 TRACKING TEST. Tests will entail only tracking and a gun sensitivity test. The scoring system will be a 4-point system similar to the VGP scoring system with 4 being “very good,” 3 “good,” 2 “sufficient” and 1 “insufficient.” If a dog scores “very good” on a track it will not receive additional tracking opportunities. Dogs that are loud (sight- or scent-loud are to be marked as such. Judging groups will consist of 3 local judges, including an emergency judge, if necessary. No more than six dogs per judging group per day are allowed. As it now stands, testing can begin July 16. We have asked for permission to start tests sooner where state and local law allows. I am still waiting to hear if that will be permitted. We must notify JGHV 24 hours in advance of each test.

Whether we start these tests in May or July, heat is going to play a significant role - for the dogs and the rabbits. Handlers and judges must be prepared to start testing as soon as it is light enough to judge tracks. I hope to be able to provide final word on open issues later this week.

GNA ANNUAL MEETING. As most, if not all of you, know the Annual Meeting in Estes Park has been canceled. Brandt Hardy has been working with VDD officials in Germany to ensure that we are able to hold an alternative “virtual” meeting on the same date as the Estes Park meeting. We hope to have final word on that this coming week and will communicate further when we can provide details.

This has been an unusual year. Many of you have been frustrated with your inability to test dogs you know are very good dogs. In spite of those frustrations you have been understanding and patient. Thank you! We are all hopeful the fall testing season will not be impacted. Things look promising at this time. Keep up your training.

I have attached the rules for the COVID-19 tracking test. Judges and handlers, please make yourselves familiar with the rules. Please call with any questions. Given that we need to schedule tests "on the fly" each Chapter Director of Testing should take responsibility for notifying JGHV of the tests not less than 24 hours before the test occurs. You should all have contact information for Mrs. Dornig. If you don't, please contact me.

   Download "Emergency Solution Tracking - Corona 2020" (PDF)